La Tesis Doctoral - Premios Extraordinarios

Reward for your Talent


The EsDule annually announces the Extraordinary Doctorate Award, to recognise those theses of the highest scientific quality among those defended in the academic year prior to the call and which have achieved the Cum Laude mention.

Eligibility requirements

  • • To have defended the doctoral thesis at the University of León up to three academic years prior to this call, in those doctoral programmes that did not reach the minimum number of theses defended in previous calls.
    • Their thesis has been graded Cum-Laude.
    • Submission of the application in due time and form.
    • Applications submitted after the deadline and those that do not provide any contribution will be excluded. The admission/exclusion decision will specify the reasons and whether or not they can be rectified and the deadline for rectification.



The Application for the Extraordinary Award must be submitted in the form established in the call for applications, through the Electronic Headquarters of the University of León, or any other place established in art. 16.4 of the Law 39/2015 on Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.

The instructions indicated in the call for applications must be followed.


According to the regulations governing the Extraordinary Prizes, the panels responsible for their assessment are set up annually.


Provisional list of admitted and excluded applications:

Definitive list of admitted and excluded applications:

Publication of the agreements adopted by the evaluation commissions:

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