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The University of León is a modern University created in 1979 and currently has two campuses located in the most representative cities of the Province of León.

The University of León currently has 11,500 students in 46 degrees (5 of them double degrees), 44 master’s degrees and 17 doctoral programmes covering all branches of knowledge.

The León campus is home to the majority of the University Faculties and Schools, [and is the main campus of the is] located on the outskirts of the city, although, given the size of the city of León, it can be reached on foot after a journey of just 20 minutes from the city centre. The administrative unit of the Doctoral School is located on this campus.

The city of Ponferrada, located 110 kilometres west of the city of León, is home to a modern campus with 25 years of history located in a privileged area of the city surrounded by sports facilities. Both cities are located on the Camino de Santiago, the cultural backbone of northern Spain, and have an enormous wealth of heritage and scenery.



Our best ambassadors are our people and their friendliness, who make anyone who decides to come to this land feel fully welcomed and integrated, and can live in a truly peaceful environment.

León is a province full of attractions in each of its corners, in each of its regions, which offer visitors a seductive legacy, the heritage of a people with a rich and extensive history, with centuries-old traditions that have been a silent witness of its long history and of being a crossroads and crossroads of roads, peoples and cultures since ancient times.

We have Motives

Why choose the University of León?

The University of León enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation for its teaching, research and contribution to society. We combine a rich history and tradition with the innovative and progressive approach of a modern university.

IdeaPioneers in Research

Our researchers are pioneers in the advancement of science and research.

Universidad jovenA university for All

We are a young and dynamic university where you can achieve your goals together with other researchers.

Oferta de programasProgramme offerings

We currently offer a wide range of doctoral programmes in the Arts and Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences and Engineering and Architecture.

Investigadores y DirectoresResearchers and Directors

We welcome more researchers every day, providing them with the thesis supervisor that best suits their research.

Becas y AyudasAccessible grants

We inform you and help you to access the grants you need to achieve your goals.

Doctorandos InternacionalesInternational

If you come from another country, we welcome you with open arms. Develop your thesis in the language that best suits you.

Mención InternacionalInternational Mention

Develop your doctorate with an international mention, with the possibility of accessing our network of international contacts and extend your research in other countries.

Adaptado a tus necesidades Tailored to you

Adapt the development of your doctorate to your needs in terms of time, three to five-year programmes, activities, work…

Doctorado Industrial y salidas Profesionales Doctorate and Job Placement

At the ULe you will be able to do an industrial doctorate, in a company or institution, opening up great possibilities for professional insertion.

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