Academic Management


The effective monitoring of the Academic Management of the PhD is necessary for a correct follow-up of the doctoral training. It allows the interaction of the PhD student with his/her thesis supervisor and tutor to update the activities document and the research plan. Directors and tutors will also use it to incorporate their annual assessment report that will be taken into account by the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme in its evaluation.



Annually, the programme’s Academic Committee will evaluate the research plan and the activities document, together with the reports that the director and the tutor and co-director, if applicable, must issue on the work carried out by the PhD student and on the use made of the training activities that he/she has undertaken.

Procedure for annual evaluation and assessment

The Academic Committee will communicate, fifteen days in advance, the date on which the annual evaluation and assessment of the Research Plan will take place. There will be two calls:

  • One call, ordinary, during the month of September.
  • An extraordinary call for applications in March.

The specific dates for each academic year will appear in the doctoral programme’s virtual course.

A positive evaluation will be a prerequisite for continuing in the Doctoral Programme.

In the event of a negative evaluation, which will be duly motivated, the PhD student must be re-evaluated within a period of six months, for which purpose a new research plan must be drawn up. In the event of a new negative evaluation, the PhD student will be permanently withdrawn from the programme.

Each doctoral programme sets its own deadlines for submission, which normally end in June.

The report must be submitted to the Academic Committee of the programme. The application shall be submitted through the Doctoral School application and shall be accompanied by the documents established by the programme’s Academic Committee.

The report is evaluated by a monitoring committee appointed by the programme’s academic committee.

The annual submission of the report is a requirement for continuation in the programme.

The Academic Committee can accept the report or require modifications. Notification will always be by telematic means.

Approval of the report is essential in order to be able to continue the doctoral programme.

The Academic Committee will inform you of the procedure to follow in the event that the research plan is subject to processes of protection or transfer of technology or knowledge.

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